Le1f – Dark York (Debut Mixtape)



【 Tracklist 】


01. ΩΩΩ

02. Mind Body (produced by Boody)

03. &Gomorrah (produced by Tom Richman)
04. My Oozy (produced by C¥bergiga)
05. Bubbles (produced by Nguzunguzu)
06. Snacks
07. Go In (produced by Morri$)
08. Wut (5kinAndBone5)
09. Yup
10. Fresh
11. ☼‿☼
12. Gag
13. Gimme Life (produced by Nguzunguzu)
14. Hate2Wait (produced by Nguzunguzu)
15. Lavandin (produced by Morri$)
16. Emulator (produced by Boody)
17. Fry Dem
18. Gayngsta ft. Don Jones
19. Giddy Up (produced by Matt Shadetek)
20. Infinity


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