Elite Gymnastics – Ruin ① ② ③ ④



【 A side Tracklist 】


01. Intro
02. So Close To Paradise
03. Omamori
04. Here, In Heaven
05. Little Things
06. Minneapolis Belongs To You


【 B side Tracklist 】


01. Intro 2
02. Here, In Heaven 2
03. Minneapolis Belongs To You 2
04. Little Things 2
05. Omamori 2
06. First Pressing of 500 12”s on TBD Colour Vinyl, First 150 Blended
07Includes 28 Page Full Colour Chapbook


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【 Tracklist 】


01. i n t r o 2
02. h e r e , i n h e a v e n 2
03. m i n n e a p o l i s b e l o n g s t o y o u 2
04. l i t t l e t h i n g s 2
05. o m a m o r i 2


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【 Tracklist 】
01. h e r e, i n h e a v e n 3 (Cover by How To Dress Well)
02. h e r e, i n h e a v e n 4 & 5 (Remix by CFCF)
03. s o c l o s e t o p a r a d i s e 2 (Remix by Physical Therapy)
04. h e r e, i n h e a v e n 6 (Anime Skyscraper Remix)
05. m i n n e a p o l i s b e l o n g s t o y o u 3 (Remix by LOL Boys)
06. h e r e, i n h e a v e n 7 (Natalie Bootleg)


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Ruin 4 Spacial Pack





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